Adam Del Monte Signature Series

Adam Del Monte Signature Series

Adam Del Monte played a couple of my Alegria flamencas and was impressed by the sound I was getting. He likes the old world Spanish sounding guitars but he was very particular about the playability of the guitar. He commissioned a guitar and after months of collaboration I was able to make him a guitar with all the qualities he was searching for. He asked if I would be willing to make a Flamenca priced with these qualities but more affordable for some of his students. I agreed. So the players model has a more simple design but still has the tone and playability all players are looking for.

Adam del Monte player model Adam del Monte Supreme model
Adam Del Monte Players Model

The players model is an amazing Flamenca blanca. Priced for the player that is  prepared to make the step up in quality. Very responsive, bright and traditional Spanish tone. Lots of character,soul and very easy to play. The first models are available in French polish.
655mm scale  53mm nut width Cypress and Spruce.

Adam Del Monte Supreme

The Supreme model  has it all! Tone, playability,character and the old school flamenco look. The pegs are geared to make it easy to tune and still have the traditional flamenco look. French polish finish also available with Laquer sides and back with French polish top.
655mm scale 53mm nut width. Cypress sides and back with Spruce top.

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