Custom Handmade Classical Mahogany Guitars

Tomas Delgado handcrafts these beautiful 6-string Classical Guitars from Mahogany wood with a Cedar or Spruce top. All Classical guitars that Tomas makes will have ebony fretboards, and a nut and saddle made of actual bone. Each Classical Guitar has a lacquer finish which is buffed by hand. The Candelas rosette design is uniquely designed at the shop and is a Candelas standard luthier version, our most popular. The Classical Mahogany guitar model can be produced with the Cutaway with the same wood and can have a thinner body.

Classical Mahogany Guitar
Classical Mahogany Guitar

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Classical Mahogany Back
Mahogany Back
Classical Mahogany Angled
Mahogany Angled
Classical Mahogany Headstock
Mahogany Headstock
Classical Mahogany Body
Mahogany Body
Classical Mahogany Soundhole
Classical Mahogany Soundhole

Classical African Mahogany Guitars

Tomas handcrafts each Classical African Mahogany Guitar with Sitka spruce tops and an ebony fretboard.

Classical African Mahogany Guitar - Front View
Classical African Mahogany

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Classical African Mahogany Guitar - Angled View
African Mahogany Angled
Classical African Mahogany Guitar - Back View
African Mahogany Back