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Candelas sells handcrafted and custom guitars to musicians of all genresAfter 80 years and three generations of guitar making, Candelas Guitars and Tomas Delgado continue the tradition of building the finest handcrafted instruments at their shop in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles. Come by for a visit and allow Tomas to assist you in designing your custom guitar or in buying a handmade guitar from his extensive product line. As you talk with Tomas, ask him to take you through the newly designed guitar showroom where you can experiment with his line of guitars made from various quality woods of the world. Experience the sound and pitch variances that each instrument produces. Come in for the experience!


Tomas and his staff of seasoned luthiers repair guitars with the same care and expertise of a new mint guitarAs Tomas Delgado recounts it today, he benefited from his fathers rules and teachings. He got to experience the way his father - and grandfather - built guitars, the different approaches to repair, wood selection, and the ways in which they would achieve certain tones with certain guitars. It was that luthier foundation and family history that has enabled Tomas to adapt to a successful modern day product strategy and guarantee business survival well into the 21st century.

Tomas Delgado repairing a Cello faceup Tomas Delgado repairing a Cello face down in his Candelas guitar shop

Tomas repairs and refurbishes guitars. He also accepts guitar instrument trade-ins. Tomas has the experience of repairing Gibson headstock, old Martin guitars, Taylor guitars, Collins guitars, Vasquez guitars, Hauser guitars, Ramirez guitars, Conde Flamenco guitars, Ovation acoustic guitars, Fender guitars and many more.

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The repaired Cello


Candelas is a full service guitar luthier offering guitar lessons, sheet music, and a showcase room for you to experiement with our vast product line We offer classical guitar lessons on Saturdays. Call us for more information. Store hours are below.


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