Guitar Lute

Candelas' wondrously handcrafted 12-stringed Guitar Lutes are custom made and handcrafted with cedar tops, mahogany necks as well as Indian Rosewood and Maple strips on the back belly. The bridge is made with rosewood. Fretboards are made of ebony.

Guitar Lute - Front View
Guitar Lute
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Guitar Lute - Back View
Lute Back View

Short History of the Guitar Lute

A lute is really any plucked instrument with a deep round back and a fretted neck. The lute dates back to the 6th century where it was commonly played in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Turkey, China and Armenia. It found a home in Europe where it became one of the more important musical instruments in European culture. However, in the late 18th century, the lute and lute luthiers all but disappeared only to make their reappearnace in the early 20th century. However, since lute tools, plans and workshops had disappeared, only research could unearth the beauty of the lute and present it to modern society. Lutes today are custom made or are purchased in the secondary market. Tomas Delgado, of course, is a lute luthier and he custom makes his lutes according to the specifications of yesteryear.