Mariachi Guitarra de Golpe

Tomas Delgado's 5-string Guitarra de Golpe Standard is handcrafted with solid Cedar sides and backs as well as traditional Tacote wood tops. Tomas has engineered a unique design for the bridge to help resist wear and tear and the pickguard which will now last a minimum of 10 years. The sound produced by Guitarra de Golpe Standard and Especial models is truly incredible and is a testament to the quality work performed day in and day out by Candelas luthiers.

Mariachi Guitarra de Golpe - Front View
Mariachi Guitarra de Golpe
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Guitarra de Golpe - Angled View
Guitarra de Golpe Angled
Guitarra de Golpe - Back View
Guitarra de Golpe Back

Tomas Delgado handcrafts his Guitarra de Golpe Especial models, with the Candelas' trademarked Abalone star rosette in the center. The Standard Guitarra de Golpe is also available.

Javier Trujillo Owns and Plays Candelas Guitarras de Golpe

Javier Trujillo can be considered the most famous Guitarra de Golpe player in the world. He owns 4 Guitarras de Golpe that have been handcrafted by Tomas Delgado of Candelas Guitar fame. Photo courtesy of

Javier Trujillo Plays Guitarras de Golpe handcrafted by Candelas Guitars