Testimonials from Two of the Greatest Musicians of All-Time

Over the years, the Candelas family has made fine instruments for a number of artists including: Theodore Bikel, Burl Ives, Laurindo Almeida, Vicente Gomez, William Clauson, Arlo Guthrie, Hoyt Axton, Jose Feliciano, Charo, Jose Barroso, Los Lobos, The Kingston Trio, The Christy Minstrels, Pepe Romero, and the master himself, Andres Segovia.

Celedonio Romero

Celedonio Romero and his Candelas Guitar"Mr. Candelario Delgado has overcome with great mastership this fine art and today he is a magnificent constructor that gives his instruments a beautiful sound and at the same time, great volume."

"The construction of guitars is a very delicate art and requires great precision. I am sure that any guitar concertist, for particular that he may be, will be delighted when he has used one of his guitars. I consider him one of the greatest guitar constructors of our time."

Andres Segovia

Andres Segovia considers Candelas Guitars the best luthiers in the United States"I consider Candelario Delgado one of the best guitarmakers in this country; by which I mean not only in California, but in the whole United States.

Several years ago I predicted that Mr. Delgado would make surprising strides forward in his work, in view of his extreme care, good selection of materials, and overall enthusiasm; and today it gives me great pleasure to confirm the accuracy of my prediction."

"If Mr. Delgado maintains this progress we will see his guitars in ever greater demand amongst professionals and intelligent amateurs in this and other countries."