Pick Up (No Volume Control)

Pick Up (No Volume Control)


Candelas is proud to offer its exclusive El Candelas Pickup, the best pickup in the world used to amplify the sound of your acoustic guitar. The El Candelas Pickup Line has taken Tomas Delgado well over 10 years to design and develop. It has a retro norteno look, chrome oval plate and single coil pickup mounted in the center. It is also passive pickup (without battery). El Candelas Guitar Pickups have an incredible sound, require no maintenance and mount directly and with ease into the sound hole of your acoustic guitar. This is a classic guitar pickup and is something the serious acoustic guitar player must own.

Candelas also supplies the following high-quality pickups with its custom, handmade acoustic guitars: LR Baggs, EMG and Fishman. The El Candelas Pickup is now available exclusively only through Candelas Guitars.

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