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Requintos Románticos (Mahogany)

Requintos Románticos (Mahogany)


The term “Requinto” refers to a smaller higher pitched version of a musical instrument. And that is exactly what the Requinto Romantic is: A higher pitched version of a Spanish guitar.

Often referred to as the smaller Spanish guitar and played in a romantic style (or bambuco style), the Requinto Romantico is a 6 string nylon guitar with a guitar scale 18% smaller than a typical guitar scale. It typically is tuned five (5) pitches higher than a typical Spanish guitar and is crafted with a cutout so that higher frets are more easily accessible. Candelas Guitars offers Requinto Romantico with sides and backs hand made from either Mahogany, Palo Escrito, Maple, Brazilian Rosewood or Indian Rosewood with Cedar or Spruce tops. Requinto Romanticos from Mexico and ones used in Mariachi bands have a deeper body than standard classical guitars and are usually played in a trio that includes a Spanish guitar and a string bass. A requinto to a Mariachi band is what a violin is to an orchestra.

Bands and groups such as Los Panchos, Los Dandy’s, Los Reyes, Los Tres Ases, and Los Tres Diamantes all play with Requinto Romantico.

These brilliant Requinto Romanticos are hand crafted by Tomas Delgado. Tomas crafts these instruments with the finest grades of wood.


    Year: Custom        

    Top:   Cedar or Spruce

    Back & Sides: Mahogany

    Scale Length: mm

    Nut Width:    mm                  

    Finish: Lacquer

    Country:       USA              

    Condition:     New

    Case: No          

    Exchange Policy:     N/A   


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