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SOLD-2009 10 String Tomas Delgado
"La Cathedral" #464
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Year:                 2009

Back/Sides:     Palo Escrito

Scale length:   660

Nut:                    89mm

Country:          USA

Top:              Cedar
Finish:          Lacquer
Condition:    New

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This rare 10-string guitar made by Tomas Delgado in 2009 has aged beautifully. She comes with a master grade cedar top with very straight and tight grain. The palo escrito back and sides elegantly compliment each other along with the headstock. With its current set up and a scale length of 660mm, the guitar plays with a rewarding character of tension. The trebles are warm, clear, and bright. The sustain on this guitar is noticeably longer as the overtones produced take advantage of the various open strings. Typically bass strings on guitars with this many strings typically lack volume and clarity. These bases are loud, round, and focused. The resonance produced by the all of the strings reminds players of the echoing qualities of an old cathedral in Italy. Given all of these elements, friends of the shop have named her "La Cathedral."

Notable players who have played 10 string guitars include Narcisco Yepes and Göran Söllscher (11 string). Beyond the traditional guitar repertoire, 10 string guitars lend themselves incredibly well for pieces written by Johann Sebastian Bach, John Dowland, and Sylvius Leopold Weiss.

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