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1960 Porfirio Delgado
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Year:                 1960

Back/Sides:     Brazilian RW

Scale length:   650mm

Nut:                    51.1mm

Country:          USA

Top:              Spruce
Finish:          Lacquer
Condition:    Used
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This is a prime example of the caliber of guitars produced in the 1960s at the Candelas Guitar shop. It showcases the highest quality materials a guitar can be made from. This guitar was built by Porfirio Delgado who co-founded the shop with his brother Candelario Delgado. By now, Porfirio had been building for over 30 years. Given the lifetime of work the brothers spent collecting the highest quality materials over the decades, the shop continues to have rare sets of tone wood. This includes pre-embargo Brazilian Rosewood, ready to be commissioned for new orders. Some of these pieces and sets are over 50 years old! 


The guitar has haunting deep basses which are typical of aged guitars. Trebles are tight and have a quick response. You are instantly transported to an important decade in their building. Guitars produced in this era went on to be ordered by many famous musicians including Jose Feliciano, who recently donated one of his vintage Candelas guitars to the Smithsonian in Washington DC. This brings the total to three Candelas guitars on exhibition at the museum.

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