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1969 Gustavo de Santos
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Year:                 1969

Back/Sides:     Brazilian

Scale length:   650

Nut:                    53mm

Country:          Spain

Top:              Cedar
Finish:          Lacquer
Condition:    Used
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Manuel Ramirez was a historical builder from Spain whose shop included many soon to be famous builders working under him as students. These students included the likes of Santos Hernandez and Domingo Esteso.  The shop produced the guitars that would define the sound people expected from guitars. Andres Segovia brought much fame to the shop having acquired his Manuel Ramirez in 1919, now on permanent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.  


This guitar was built by Gustavo the Santos, a lessor known student of Manuel Ramirez. The guitar stands out for its overall tonal qualities. With a traditional build at 650mm, the guitar came together to produce a fair amount of volume and balance between strings. At 53mm at the nut, you also enjoy a bit more space in-between strings. Trebles are bright with noticeable warmth. Basses are boomy and carry well. 

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