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1957 Manuel Rodriguez
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Year:                 1957

Back/Sides:     Cypress

Scale length:   660mm

Nut:                    51mm

Country:          Spain

Top:              Spruce
Finish:          French
Condition:    Used/Original condition
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This Manuel Rodriguez flamenco guitar is rare due to a set of special factors. The guitar has an illustrious past in Hollywood film and TV. Manuel Rodriguez built this guitar for flamenco guitarist Jereonimo Villarino. Mr. Villarino played in several Hollywood films, TV shows, and for a time was the guitarist for famed flamenco singer/dancer Carmen Amaya. Mr. Villarino was featured with his guitar in the 1957 film Around the World in 80 Days, which won best picture at the Oscars that year. 


Today the guitar is persevered in its original condition with no cosmetic restoration undertaken. For a piece like this, there is so much history behind it that a full restoration would wipe that right off. Take clear notice of the places where Jereonimo heavily used the instrument. Not only on the top of the guitar but the clear discoloration of the neck. Clearly, this guitar was a lifelong companion. Furthermore, Manuel Rodriguez Sr. wrote a hand written inscription right below his label dedicating the guitar to Jeronimo. A beyond rare gesture you will not easily find in other guitars he built.


Like the fame Paul Newman brought to the Rolex Daytona, already a luxury timepiece, those in Newman’s personal collection tell the story of the owner and not just the maker. Like the acquisition of such a Rolex owned by Newman, you are not just buying a famed timepiece; you are investing in a piece of history. Every scuff and mark tells a story of its starry past.


Guitars from 1957 are what Manuel Rodriguez’s company still highlights in their advertisements worldwide. Built with cypress and a beautifully aged spruce top, the guitar is a beauty to hold and play. Today the guitar still commands the same power, character of tension, and sound that Jeronimno came to enjoy. To survive a 60 plus year journey, is a testament to the quality of building Manuel Rodriguez Sr. dedicated himself to.

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