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SOLD-2010 Tomas Delgado
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Year:                 2010

Back/Sides:     Cypress

Scale length:  


Country:          USA

Top:              Spruce
Condition:    New

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This 2010 Flamenco Alegria built by Tomas Delgado came together spectacularly. You are first treated to an extremely clean and polished instrument form head to toe. Given the beautiful bright hue of the spruce top, the black binding on this guitar makes her pop out among her peers. Polish, fret work, and the rosette are all at their highest peak of luster. This headstock also has a unique lateral grain vignette providing amazing contrast. The gold colored tuners are excellent companions that compliment her elegance.


Volume chasers will rejoice when they play this guitar. The guitar has tremendous dynamics and is very responsive. A player looking for this range will be quickly rewarded as they push and roll back the volume of this guitar. While on its face tonally bright, the guitar still provides warm over tones and considerable sustain. The character of tension is highly rewarding for players looking not to overwork through demanding passages of music. 

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