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SOLD-2018 Tomas Delgado
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Year:                 2018

Back/Sides:     Indian RW

Scale length:   650

Nut:                    53mm

Country:          USA

Top:          Redwood
Top French-Lacquer S/B
Condition:    New

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In the middle of 2018, Tomas Delgado had the pleasure of restoring a 1971 Daniel Friederich guitar made of a Redwood top and Indian rosewood. In the guitar community, Friederich guitars are respected for being top in their class for elite players. Restoring one became very inspirational to Tomas. It led him to build two similar guitars. One with a redwood top and another with a cedar top.


This guitar was made with the Redwood top. The top has been French polished, while the backs and sided are lacquered. Through the years, while experimenting with different finishing combinations, this split between lacquer and French polish has proven remarkable for tone. The guitar is rich, deep, and not even close to showing its full maturity. Spacing at the nut is set at 53mm giving players ample spacing between strings. The grain of the Redwood is very tight and eye clean. The amber hue of the top distinguishes itself from a cedar top immediately.


The guitar already is showing significant sustain in all expected sweet spots. The character of tension and action is set up to be very rewarding for players. Volume, projection, and balance between trebles and bases are clearly present. The guitar has a lifetime ahead of where it will continue to mature.

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