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SOLD-2010 Tomas Delgado
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Year:                 2010

Back/Sides:     Cypress

Scale length:  


Country:          USA

Top:              Spruce
Condition:    New

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This 2010 Tomas Delgado Flamenco Alegria is aesthetically different from her sisters built in the same year. She continues to have a vignette on the headstock showing off a unique lateral grain pattern.  The back and sides made with cypress that have a clean and straight grain. What is additionally unique, is the binding of the guitar matching the rosette perfectly. The attention to detail is very eye pleasing.


Tonally the guitar is bright and loud. Sustain is present at critical points throughout the fret board and past the 12th fret. The action is set low to give a soft character of tension. Players who have marathon rehearsals will benefit greatly from this characteristic. Volume is not sacrificed given the set up.

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