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SOLD-2018 Tomas Delgado
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Year:                 2018

Back/Sides:     Palo Escrito

Scale length:  


Country:          USA

Top:              Spruce
Condition:    New

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This 2018 flamenco guitar built by Tomas Delgado is different from her peers built in the past.  Standard flamenco blancas are built with Spruce and Cypress.  Flamenco negras are built with Indian rosewood. This flamenco guitar was built with a Mexican rosewood known as Palo escrito.  Palo escrito commonly has a wider grain, varied patterns, and a lighter color to it.


The spruce top has a beautiful dark stain to it and a rosette that matches the binding around the guitar. The white taping plate on the top provides a nice contrast. The back and sides are matched perfectly in palo escrito. The grain on the back is unique and very eye catching to everyone who observes her. The headstock also has a wood vignette with a unique grain pattern. Tuning heads are gold with wooden nobs for a touch of sophistication. Currently, she provides considerable volume, noticeable sustain in expected sweet spots, and comes with a standard character of tension.  Tonally this guitar will continue to open up with time.

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