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SOLD-2009 Tomas Delgado
1933 Santos Hernandez (Replica) #328
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Year:                 2009

Back/Sides:     Cypress

Scale length:  


Country:          USA

Top:              Spruce
Condition:    New

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This 2009 replica of a Santos Hernandez by Tomas Delgado captures your attention given its simplicity. As you look her over with more of a critical eye, you will begin to notice the rich elements of a Santos Hernandez guitar. The headstock with its curved features and a lateral grain vignette respectfully crown the guitar. The silver colored tuners gleam respectfully but are not overpowering. This allows you to easily pay more attention to their engraving.


The tight and even grain of the German spruce top is very eye clean. This quality allows the most beautiful adornment of this guitar to stand out, the rosette. An almost three dimensional swirl pattern cradles the sound hole. The colors are kept simple but bold allowing the highest contrast. 


Tonally, the guitar is rewarding with quick action and responsiveness. The strings carry a standard character of tension typical of guitars of this era. Noticeable sustain and brightness are found throughout the treble strings. The basses are clear and crisp.

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