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SOLD-2016 Tomas Delgado
Negra #437
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Year:                 2016

Back/Sides:     Indian RW

Scale length:  


Country:          USA

Top:             Spruce
Finish:    French Polish
Condition:    New

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Built in 2016 by Tomas Delgado, this flamenca negra guitar is different in many respects. Typical flamenco blancas are built with cypress and spruce. This negra comes with a spruce top and Indian rosewood sides and back. This marriage between a flamenco construction with the tone wood of a classical guitar, creates a very unique tonality. While the guitar projects very well, it produces dark and haunting overtones. Sustain produced on this particular guitar is substantial from frets 1st-12th and beyond. To put it bluntly, this guitar is meant for those want to get lost in their music. The guitar will not wake you from your focus; it will help you maintain it.


The character of tension is extremely rewarding helping avoid fatigue and is very responsive. A vignette of wood with a horizontal grain pattern adorns the headstock. Tuners are gold colored with wooden nobs for a delicate touch of sophistication. Finally, the Indian rosewood back has a rare wavy grain pattern that was beautifully book matched (split from one single piece of wood creating a mirror like effect).

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