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The Jarana is also referred to as the Jarana Jarocha. Its body and top can be expertly comprised of fine woods such as Cedar or Mahogany or the body, neck and headstock of the jarana jarocha can be handcrafted from one piece of wood. The body is long and thin, much thinner than a typical guitar body.

Tomas Delgado hand makes his Jaranas with either Cedar or Mahogany sides or back in addition to Cedar or Spruce tops. Like the Requinto Jarochos, Tomas can expertly craft a Jarana from one hollowed out piece of Cedar. All Jaranas are priced to include a transparent, thin, and durable pickguard that will last 10 years, the longest durable pickguards available today. The jarana also has its origins in the Veracruz region of southeastern Mexico like the requinto jarocho and huapanguera. The jarocho, which plays the chords, is also referred to as a jarana jarocha and is played in the son jarocho style with the requinto jarocho (bass pitch) and harp.

The jarana jarocha has 8 nylon strings. This instrument also available in Standard and Custom upon availability in his store.


Please call (323) 828-2011 to inquire about this product.


    Year:      New                                                   

    Top:       Cedar

    Back & Sides: Mahogany or Cedar          

    Finish:    Lacquer

    Tuners:   Machine heads, Traditional pegs or Geared Pegs

    Country:  USA                            

    Condition:  New

    Case:      No       

    Exchange Policy:  N/A


    AVAILABILITY: Now/Custom