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Official Mariachi Guitar (Standard)

Official Mariachi Guitar (Standard)


Official Mariachi Guitar

Tomas Delgado is the only luthier handcrafting guitars exclusively and solely for Mariachi players. Tomas has had countless Classical, Flamenco and Mariachi players come into the store and play the Official Mariachi Guitar. Each player falls in love with the tone, look, weight and action but it's important to remember that these guitars are handcrafted just for the Mariachi style and Mariachi guitar player. The Official Mariachi Guitar comes with a thinner neck and the action is set up to not buzz as rhythm is played. The Official Mariachi guitar can be purchased right off the rack. Famous Mariachi groups that play Tomas' Official Mariachi guitar are Mariachi Divas, Mariachi Reina de Los Angeles, Sol de Mexico, and Cobre. Candelas’ Standard Mariachi guitars are handmade with either Cedar, Mahogany, Palo Escrito or Indian Rosewood sides or back along with a Tacote top and ebony fretboard. All Official Mariachi guitars include a transparent thin and durable pickguard that will last 10 years, the longest durable pickguards available today.

The Mariachi Guitar is offer in Standard, Especial, and Custom upon availability in store.



    Year:      New/Custom                                    Top:       Tacote

    Back & Sides:      Cedar                                  Finish:    Lacquer

    Tuners:                 Machine heads or Traditional pegs or Geared Pegs

    Country:  USA                                                  Condition:  New

    Case:     NO                                                      Exchange Policy: N/A

    AVAILABILITY: Now/Custom


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