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Ululele (Tenor)

Ululele (Tenor)


Tenor Ukuleles

Tomas handcrafts his tenor ukuleles with Mahogany sides and back and a Mahogany top. The fretboards are made with rosewood and premium Grover tuners are added for that special touch.

This instrument also available now and Custom upon availability in store.

A ukulele is produced in many sizes. The soprano ukulele is a normal sized small guitar. The concert ukulele is handcrafted 5cm longer than the soprano; the tenor ukulele is crafted 10cm longer than the soprano and 5cm longer than the tenor. Last, there’s the baritone ukulele which is the longest ukulele of them all. Tomas has made custom mahogany soprano ukulele copy of a famous Leonardo Nunez ukulele from the late 1800's. All ukuleles have 4 nylon strings. The ukulele is a very small guitar native to Hawaii. The better ukuleles, also referred to as ukuleles, are handcrafted from fine woods. In Hawaii, they are crafted from Koa wood which Tomas Delgado also uses. Tomas Delgado, Candelas Guitar luthier, handcrafts his soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles from various types of high quality wood including Koa, Mahogany, Myrtle wood, Spanish Cedar, and Port Orford Cedar. Ukulele tops are constructed from the same selection of the aforementioned woods. Your ukulele will be fitted with our famous pickguards if so desired.


    Year:      New / Custom                 

    Top:       Cedar or Tacote

    Back & Sides:      Mahogany or Port Orford Cedar

    Finish:    Lacquer/French Polish

    Country:  USA                                

    Condition: Excellent

    Case:     No       

    Exchange Policy:               N/A

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