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Vihuela Custom

Vihuela Custom


The first guitar Tomas Delgado, 3rd generation guitar luthier, built was a Vihuela. As a matter of fact, Tomas is responsible for introducing the Vihuela and Guitarron into the Candelas guitar product line. He correctly sensed demand for both guitars back in the early 1990's and his customers have rewarded his insight. Candelas Vihuela guitars are handcrafted with solid Cedar wood sides and backs. The top of the guitar is made from Tacote wood, the most traditional wood used in the construction of Vihuelas and Guitarrons. Combined, these quality woods produce a most incredible Vihuela sound. Since guitar building is in Tomas' blood, he understands the needs of each musician that plays his guitars. For instance, the bridge of the Traditional Standard Vihuela is uniquely designed to significantly reduce degradation (wear and tear). In addition, the pickguard is designed to last a minimum of 15 years.

The Vihuela is offer in Standard, Especial, and Custom upon availability in store.



    Year:      New/Custom                                    Top:       Tacote

    Back & Sides:      Cedar                                  Finish:    Lacquer

    Tuners:                 Machine heads or Traditional pegs or Geared Pegs

    Country:  USA                                                  Condition:  New

    Case:     NO                                                      Exchange Policy: N/A

    AVAILABILITY: Now/Custom


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